Introduced to the general public for the first time in January at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, the electric auto BMW i Vision Dee is an electric concept car that seeks to prepare us for the future envisioned by the German automaker.

We’re here to summarize and introduce you to all the futuristic technologies that have been explained as part of the BMW i Vision Dee experience, which promises to be emotional and surreal.

The 2023 i Vision Dee: An Emotional Experience

The most important thing to know about the i Vision Dee, BMW’s concept car, lies in those last three letters.

The word “Dee” is actually an acronym that stands for: “Digital Emotional Experience.“

Thanks to the latest artificial intelligence, the BMW i Vision Dee seeks to completely redefine the driving experience.

In fact, a virtual assistant is programmed into the Dee and is designed to be able to hold a discussion just like a human being, in addition to being able to adjust the car’s functions easily, as would a regular virtual assistant.

BMW is giving this virtual assistant the new title of “digital companion” to differentiate it from the virtual assistants that already exist and, above all, to emphasize the emotional aspect of this artificial intelligence.

The digital companion is intended to be able to hold intelligent conversations and answer questions as a friend would. The idea is to completely redefine the relationship between man and machine.

The Incomparable Head-Up Display of this BMW SedanInterior of BMW concept i Vision Dee

This BMW electric takes advantage of the largest central screen possible display inside a vehicle: the windshield. In fact, the touchscreen dashboard allows you to determine the level of content that spans as a projection directly on the entire width of the windshield.

The information that can be displayed on the windshield extends from the useful to the pleasant and then stretches over to the innovative. Truly, BMW promises:

  • Information relevant to driving
  • Content related to the communication system
  • Augmented reality projection or even complete entry into virtual worlds.

With this last point, BMW actually proposes to allow you to drive in a virtualized environment.

This augmented reality can range from a few elements, to the design of a whole new world imagined from (almost) scratch. You could be transported to another world while your BMW i Vision Dee remains in Canada!

For obvious reasons, the road present in this virtual world would remain the same as the one existing in the real world.

If you think that all of these aspects could create distractions while driving, BMW assures you that they are designed to be safe and reduce the temptation to take your eyes off the road in order to look at a dashboard mounted screen.

An Experience that Starts Before You Even Get In
Multicolored BMW i Vision Dee Concept

The Dee experience is not limited to the car interior. This car includes several groundbreaking technology concepts that rethink what the exterior of a car can be.

Among these impressive gadgets are:

  • A new application of E ink technology, already used in some e-books, to allow color-shifting of the vehicle at any time.
  • BMW’s headlights and nostrils form a surface through which the car can express its “emotions”.
  • A personalized avatar appears on the side window to welcome you inside the vehicle, accompanied by the voice of the assistant, which can be heard from outside.
  • And much more!

All of these incredible technologies are part of the future that BMW is seeking to make available to everyone in the coming years.

What this BMW Electric Shows Us About the Future

Currently, the i Vision Dee is not scheduled for production and market release: it is indeed a concept that demonstrates the type of vehicles BMW aspires to create for us.

Not only is it a vehicle that offers the latest in digital technology, but it’s also a BMW sedan that aims to show that the manufacturer’s future is focused on electric and sustainable.

It’s also important to know that BMW isn’t in the habit of introducing concept cars only to leave them aside. Take for example the BMW i8 or the i3, both of which saw the light of day after only being concept cars.

All in all, it wouldn’t be surprising to see some elements of the Dee in the BMW lineup, or even the Dee itself, in the near future.

Even if we’ll have to wait before having a digital companion inside our car, it is already possible to enjoy the luxury and state-of-the-art technology inside the 2023 BMWs.

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