As we enter the electric age, we are witnessing the introduction of futuristic concepts across the industry. This is true for manufacturers here, but also for those in Europe. In fact, the transformation of factories across the Atlantic is well underway as facilities are being re-equipped to accommodate the vehicles of tomorrow

We have a good idea of what these vehicles will look like, but in some cases, we're in for some surprises. Indeed, entire design processes are set to change. At BMW, we got a clear glimpse of this in the last few weeks with the iVision Circular concept. 

Beyond its styling, this product addresses something that should be on the minds of all automakers; the total carbon footprint of a model, from conception to its end-of-life. As such, the iVision Circular study addresses this reality in an unprecedented way. How? By designing the car to be 100% recyclable

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One thing is striking: the vehicle's chunky appearance. Its angles are very pronounced, yet at the same time, everything is wonderfully integrated, so that the whole is harmonious. The steeply inclined windshield extends almost directly down to the proportionally massive grille. The latter, with its two nostrils, is, of course, an unmistakable signature for BMW. Here we find a futuristic and unconventional interpretation of it, but it blends very well with the overall design. 

The rear end features an impressive glass surface and an overall very sleek look. In addition to this unique style, the composition of the model is eye-popping. 


Consider, for example, painting. Well, there is none! The body is anodized aluminum. The rear end is steel, and heat treated... until it turns blue. This makes it easier to recycle the body once the vehicle has reached the end of its useful life. And if one component can serve more than one purpose, it does. 

As for the windshield, it also acts as an instrument cluster. In fact, all the information the driver is used to seeing in the vehicle is now displayed right in front of him. 

The same goes for the rear windows, which act as lights and turn signals (which are integrated). In addition, the windows are surrounded by touch-sensitive digital display strips to allow access.


On the outside, there are no logos, only laser engravings, which saves the tooling and energy required to produce such elements. Other innovations include minimal use of glue to make the dismantling process easier when the product is recycled. As for the interior lights, they are made from parts salvaged from other BMW products. 

And to appreciate how far originality can go, the design of the doors is worth a look. Each one contains a single integrated electronic module. It does all the work and is removable. A special tool can be used to remove almost all of the vehicle's few fixtures. Anything that is not attached by a clamp can be easily removed in other ways, such as the recycled plastic trim that is held on to the seat frames by a simple cord system.

In addition to being 100% recyclable, the iVision Circular aims to use almost 100% recycled components in its production. This includes the solid-state battery, which BMW says can be fully recycled. The steering wheel is 3D printed from wood dust or other biomaterials.
It may not be tomorrow that we get behind the wheel of a fully recyclable vehicle, but that day may not be far off. With the iVision Circular concept, BMW shows it can be done, and your dealer in Ste-Agathe des Monts knows all about it!

iVision Circular concept