During the annual BMW Group Conference held on March 17 in Munich (Bavaria), the upcoming high-powered BMW i4 was ceremoniously unveiled. This new BMW i4 is here and it is scheduled for a release in 2022 and pre-ordering (starting in June) for this 100% electric vehicle starts today! The car is sublime and is evidence that the famous “propeller” brand is committed to making electric cars. Built on the same platform as the 3 Series, the BMW i4 is 100% electric, just like its cousin the BMW iX.


In 1972, at the Munich Summer Olympics, the all-electric BMW 1602e rode in front of the athletes in the cross-country races to film them and supply them with water when necessary.

That emission-free and silent model was the ideal companion at the time, not interfering with the athletes’ high performance. Now the Germans have perfected this suitability, along with their know-how in the field of electrified mobility through the continuous development of BMW eDrive technology and the BMW i sub-brand.

The all-electric BMW iX and BMW i4 models (available starting at the end of 2021) will usher in a whole new feeling of pure driving pleasure. In fact, nothing compares to the virtually silent electric motor in urban or rural traffic, the instant motor response and the unrivalled acceleration. And all this without any exhaust fumes or local emissions. Join us in discovering the world of BMW electric cars.

After five decades of research and development, BMW is taking the theme of sustainable and eco-friendly mobility out on the road with a range of electrified models. As an automaker, the famous “propeller” manufacturer is committed to the goals of the Paris climate agreement and aims to be the most efficient and greenest carmaker in the world. The bar is high, but the Germans can rise to even the most demanding challenges.

Now closer to home, the BMW Ste-Agathe dealership, located in the heart of the Laurentians, near Saint-Sauveur, Saint-Jovite and Mont-Tremblant, brings you the all-new BMW i4 and its cousin the BMW iX. Let’s hear it for the electrification of German vehicles!


From the outset, as reported in the news at Deutsche Welle (DW), the new BMW i4 looks very similar to its gasoline-powered 4 Series cousins, even though it is built on the 3-Series platform.

BMW i4 from the back

The vehicle’s front headlights are identical, as is the grille, which features the “big snout” of the new BMWs that have been released recently in Europe and North America. The latter features a stylized “grill,” due to the electric motor, with a small “i” logo on the upper left side. The rims have a design that reminds us of the BMW i3, with a “full” part, which will leave everyone highly impressed.

Moreover, blue lines remind us that we are in front of a 100% electric vehicle, on the front grille and along the body just above the bottom of the vehicle; a breathtaking design. The only thing that reminds us of an obvious difference with the current 4 Series is the 4-door, which is currently only available in a 2-door version. Obviously, the Gran Coupé version has the i4’s stylistic cues.


The all-new i4 is a dynamic and powerful vehicle that fully demonstrates BMW’s commitment to offering 100% electric sports cars that outperform conventional vehicles. The famous “propeller” brand has stated its ambitions for the future, namely to offer an alternative to the gasoline-powered 4 Series while still retaining the sporty DNA that is synonymous with the German brand.

Pieter Nota, member of the board of executives for the BMW Group, recently declared, “with its sporty appearance and exemplary performance, the BMW i4 is in every way a true BMW, yet it’s also free of all local pollutant emissions. Today, we can say that the heart of the BMW brand beats completely on electric power.”

What’s even more interesting is that an even bolder and more radical model, the BMW M Performance, is also scheduled for release this year.


The BMW i4 will be made available in several different versions, with a range of up to 475 km (WLTP), something that will rival the Tesla’s of this world with ease. With a rapid charging capacity of up to 150 kW, car owners will be able to recharge their battery up to 80% in just 35 minutes. With up to 530 horsepower (390 kW), it can hit 0-100 km/h in about 4 seconds; this car is both powerful and race worthy!

Some additional models should be unveiled as well, an entry-level BMW i4 with 284 horsepower and the latest mid-range model that delivers 335 horsepower. The 2022 i4 will be assembled in Munich, Germany, and is expected to be released sometime in 2021, which is why BMW Ste-Agathe is launching a pre-order in June of this year.


Born out of a unique vision, designed for electromobility, this is BMW’s answer to the question of electric vehicles. Using BMW eDrive technology and fully electric all-wheel drive, the BMW iX has exceptional range and stunning acceleration. The highly intelligent and sophisticated BMW 8TM operating system is completely intuitive. The Germans know exactly how to design intelligent vehicles for the 21st century.

BMW iX 2022 white

With a range of 475 km, the BMW iX is ideal for both city and long-distance driving. This electric vehicle is useful for every situation, for every day of the week. The highly efficient design provides excellent aerodynamic properties. You’ll be driving a versatile, efficient, powerful model with a very long range.

And with two powerful electric motors coupled with BMW xDrive electric all-wheel drive, the BMW iX delivers exceptional electric performance: with more than 500 horsepower, the BMW iX can go from 0 to 100 km/h in less than 5 seconds. The instantly accessible torque and seamless acceleration enable the BMW iX to react with precision and spontaneity with every touch of the accelerator—make no mistake, you’ll be in the driver’s seat of a state-of-the-art vehicle!

In addition, the ample surfaces and soft lines lend the BMW iX its unique shape. Every detail integrates perfectly into the modern German design language giving the vehicle the appearance of having been created out of a unique mould, designed specifically for you.

BMW iX 2022 white

The BMW iX’s highly aerodynamic configuration is equally effective, as are its distinctive features such as the window design that tapers backwards at the sides of the vehicle. Flush door handles and frameless doors appear for the first time on this BMW and readily echo its highly Cartesian, yet futuristic ethos.

The iNEXT Shy TechTM concept by the German automaker puts passengers at the heart of the design and pushes the BMW iX’s modern technology into the background until needed or explicitly requested. This unobtrusive intelligence is evident in many of the details, both inside and out. For example, in the nose cones, which ensure the intelligence space function and camera technology, radar functions, state-of-the-art sensor technology and heater elements. And in the invisible speakers in the audio system, together with the buttons and knobs in the interior.

Inside the BMW iX, you can relax in a unique environment and the interior architecture draws heavily on contemporary automotive design. Features such as the extended dashboard, the elevated BMW Curved DisplayTM on top of the dashboard and the slimline seats create a stylish and ergonomic interior layout with a choice of colours and materials. The self-contained free flowing center console along with the largest translucent panoramic roof ever installed in a BMW convey an uplifting sense of spaciousness that beckons one to linger in this plush interior.


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