In the last few years, BMW has invested heavily to stay at the cutting-edge of automobile technology. Though the innovation race never ends, BMW seems determined to keep pace with the competition. 

Whether it’s with their recent partnership with AirConsole, which promises to bring video games inside BMW cars, or the BMW Startup Garage project, or even the engine thermal management system available on some models, the German car manufacturer always makes us discover new BMW technology.

BMW AirConsole: A Dynamic Partnership

BMW Air Console

For those of you who are not familiar with AirConsole, it’s an online gaming platform that gives you access to a wide collection of games, for streaming both on TV and on your laptop. To play, you simply use your smartphone as a game controller. 

BMW has recently announced a partnership with this service, which will allow users to play any game in the AirConsole collection directly on the display of the next BMW cars.

To be able to use this service, BMW car owners will only need a smartphone on hand with the AirConsole app downloaded. 

They can then pair their phone with the car infotainment system and have fun with the extensive selection of games available on the app. The games will be projected directly on the car display.

This new addition to BMW cars is part of the BMW Startup Garage initiative that enables start-ups with interesting products to contribute to BMW technology innovation. 

BMW Startup Garage: Redefining Innovation

AirConsole is not the only company that helps BMW to offer innovative solutions to consumers interested in new technologies.

Indeed, several success stories have emerged from BMW’s Startup Garage initiative. 

Since 2017, BMW and Tactile Mobility have worked together to offer the best possible system in terms of road conditions detection and analysis. This system has been used in all the manufacturer’s cars since 2021.  

BMW doesn’t hesitate to do business with small companies that have creative ideas. 

The car manufacturer gives a chance to inventors that seek to stand out in a sector that’s constantly evolving. It also allows BMW to offer the best possible service.

BMW Technology: Engine Heat Management 

Initially developed for the i8 electric sports car, engine heat management is a technology that BMW aims to roll out on all its models. 

The logic behind the usefulness of this technology is rather simple. According to Felix Schedel, project leader at BMW’s Intelligent Energy Management:

“The warmer the engine is at start up, the better the fuel economy will be.”

To be brief, the engine heat management system is a thermoplastic capsule for the engine which helps:

  • Delay engine cool down
  • Keep the engine at an optimum temperature for good performance
  • Reduce engine noise and vibrations

In short, though the main objective of this system is the most efficient engine performance, the technology also contributes to the driver’s comfort.

Other Forthcoming Technological Advances in the BMW Technology Package

In addition to engine heat management technology now widespread on the BMW lineup, the manufacturer has announced several new and exciting plans for the future, such as

  • The determination to offer electric mobility. In 2023, BMW will have 25 all-electric or hybrid models available.
  • The constant refinement of driver assistance systems. BMW cars already have driver assistance systems with more than 40 functions.
  • The best interface and user experience for the interior display. It’s an initiative that’s already an excellent example of BMW’s productive partnership with AirConsole.

It’s clear that the manufacturer has a clear vision of the future it wants to build for its clients. We can already see some of the remarkable innovations and constant technological advances carried out for the future of BMW.

In addition to their promise of a radiant future, BMW already offers little perks that show how determined the manufacturer is to always provide state-of-the-art technology. For example, the 2023 BMW i7 has:

  • A 14.9-inch infotainment touchscreen
  • A 12.3-inch digital dashboard 
  • An interaction bar with touch controls to easily adjust inside temperature

The fact that BMW is not afraid of innovating with its star model shows well their commitment to constant evolution.

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