The Powertrain program, which is new for BMW used vehicles, will allow you to make long journeys without problems nor worries. It offers you quality (360° reconditioning and genuine BMW parts), peace of mind (painless exchange privilege), security (7/24 roadside assistance) and value for your BMW (advantageous financing solutions).

BMW Ste-Agathe in the heart of the Laurentians makes the most of this program and tells you all about its pre-owned BMWs.

A Second-Hand German: Why Not!

Buying a used car requires care and rigour. German cars, for example, are excellent vehicles that travel the world and are the envy of many. The Bavarian manufacturer BMW recently pointed out that its cars are on the road again and again. Why is that? For the simple reason that Germans, unlike many others, have precision in their eyes. What's more, they are more Cartesian than many others and have a keen sense of detail. 

Germany, this large European country with a population of over 80 million, is known as the country with the highest production of sports and luxury vehicles per capita in the world. In 2019, 2,252,055 BMWs were sold worldwide, and since 2010 there have been more than 15,754,000 on the market. These figures are certainly impressive, but at the same time they tell us something more important. They tell us that these are good cars, and that even usedBMW is a very worthwhile investment.

When talking about these BMWs, one must keep in mind that since we are talking about German technology and the manufacturer's attention to detail, the BMW is a vehicle with a much higher buyback value than the average car. The depreciation of BMW cars is therefore minimal. 

On the other hand, among luxury used vehicles, BMW and Audi are number one in the Canadian market. Interestingly, both are German manufacturers, one in Munich and one in Ingolstadt, also in Bavaria. This is not a misleading figure. The BMW models already mentioned here are popular with customers. They are a sure value, especially when they have been pampered by the experts at BMW Ste-Agathe and when we have their previous driving record.

Our on-site experts will not only tell you about the advantages of driving a certified pre-owned BMW, but they will also show you the vehicle's inspection sheet, the previous driving record and tell you in more detail about the driving history. Since these same experts like to get to the bottom of things, they will be available to answer any questions you may have. They will also give you advice, talk to you about warranties and explain how your new vehicle works. Thanks to the Powertrain Program available on your next BMW, you'll have complete peace of mind.

You know, a pre-owned sports car starts to age when it reaches 250,000 km of use. Before that, it's still high-performance, powerful and stylish. In fact, many people say that at 150,000 km, these cars are better than they were in their early days.

Even more remarkable, German engines are powerful, but also so resistant and they are like good wine, the older they get, the better they get. These vehicles, whether sedan or SUV, are like athletes, they are trained to run for a long time and go all the way. Real marathoners.

Because they are vehicles with timeless colours, avant-garde and innovative technological equipment, unrivalled robustness and assured power, the certified BMW remains a great vehicle. If you're a regular of the brand, you'll see a great evolution. If you're a non-initiated driver, you'll quickly understand the popularity of the German brand's products when it comes to road handling; with the Powertrain program, you'll drive with complete confidence.

BMW Ste-Agathe: The Logical Choice

All in all, pre-owned BMWs constitute a perfectly logical choice of used vehicles, at the best home financing prices possible. Therefore, choosing such a car makes perfect sense, especially since it will remain well protected by the German Powertrain. Discover our vast inventory of used vehicles at BMW Ste-Agathe today.